Phishing Testing

Phishing Training - One Part Tutorial + One Part Testing

Phishing Testing

Most CISOs know the limits of typical phishing training and test solutions. They can be difficult to operate and next to impossible to customize for your company's needs. And, most critically, they are often disconnected from the rest of your security program. It's no wonder phishing training and testing solutions often don't work as well as they should.

We knew phishing training could be made better. So - we made it better.

Why phishing tests and phishing tutorials are key elements in Ataata's risk scoring equation

With Ataata, phishing tests are fully integrated into your platform for managing all human error risk. There are no separate systems to integrate, no additional consultants, and no added message fees. What's more, it's easy to link phishing tests with our phishing tutorial modules.

That's not all. Ataata integrates all phishing training data - garnered from both phishing testing and the results from the phishing tutorial modules - into a holistic score assessing the risk. The data influences our ranking of security-related human error for every individual, every department, and the enterprise as a whole. Read more about how we make that happen.

Setting up phishing tests for employees

Phishing tests are amazingly easy to set up and deploy

It's easy to set up a complete phishing test campaign on the Ataata platform. In under ten minutes, you can be delivering live messages.

  • Use our realistic single-page and multi-page templates which cover everything from phoney promotions and package tracking to fake news and password resets due to unauthorized logins.
  • Quickly edit your phish text and landing pages to reflect anticipated attempts against your employees. Customizing phishing training and testing content has never been easier.
  • Specify which employees will receive your tests, which templates they'll receive, and when you want to launch.

You're all set. Run it. With Ataata, you control sequencing, content, and everything else. So when the post-campaign reports say you're making progress, you can trust the data. Isn't that a very nice feeling?