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Ataata Reduces Cyber Risks Caused by Lack of Knowledge

Lack of Knowledge

Even the best employees can't keep you safe if they don't know how.

Your employees need to recognize cyber risks and respond appropriately. You need to teach them how. You need to raise their situational awareness, and keep it high. All security awareness training attempts to do this, but most fails. Ataata's succeeds, because we reflect crucial lessons about learning in the modern workplace.

Simple, persistent training that reduces cyber security incidents

When you train on cyber security topics, you're competing with a non-stop parade of urgent priorities and distractions. We cut through all that, so people actually pay attention:

  • Our content is incredibly quick, simple, and fun
  • We chunk instruction into small elements that don't overstress employee attention
  • We deliver video, not text your people won't read
  • We reinforce learning by engaging employees with one relevant question per module
  • We provide immediate, focused feedback
  • We're persistent about driving home key concepts

The right mix of cyber security topics to reduce risk

To reduce cyber security incidents, you need to persistently drive home key concepts. Once-a-year employee security awareness training doesn't work, yet badgering people is counterproductive. We found the sweet spot. We deliver less than three minutes of fun, engaging content once a month, every month. It's memorable. It sticks. It motivates. It never wears out its welcome. If you want to mitigate cyber risk associated with human error, this is the approach that works.

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We rely on humor - the world's #1 tool for engaging people