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Mitigate Cyber Security Vulnerabilities Arising from Lack of Concern

Lack of Concern

Some employees are flat-out dismissive of security. They think you are there for only one reason: to get in their way, and keep them from getting the job done. What can you do to improve their security attitudes and behavior, so they cause fewer cyber security vulnerabilities?

Make training about them. Show why their security errors will hurt them personally — in their careers, and in their lives. And show why getting on the right page with security will actually help them achieve their goals, financial and otherwise.

Save people from themselves, with cyber security tips that help them as well

Nobody wants to spend their lives repairing identity theft, replacing credit cards, or paying bitcoin ransom. Help people avoid nightmares caused by the cyber security vulnerabilities they create. When your cyber security tips help them do that, they'll make you safer even if they're still skeptical about the security organization.

Manage insider threats by getting honest people to help you

Ataata's security training helps you manage insider threats in two ways. First, it helps improve security attitudes before employees become alienated enough to consider deliberately compromising you. Second, it actively encourages honest people to tell you when they see something suspicious. Promoting a strong “neighborhood watch” attitude can often deter individuals who might be tempted to the dark side. True insider threats find it tougher to operate when they can't count on others' indifference or distraction.

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