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Deter Cyber Security Problems Caused by Lack of Attention

Lack of Engagement

The only cyber security problems you won’t be blamed for are the ones that didn’t happen, because your people were aware enough to avoid them. It’s not enough to teach them facts and techniques. You need them to consistently pay attention to security, even when they are legitimately busy serving customers, responding to management priorities, and earning profits.

Ataata training solves both aspects of the attention problem: making sure people pay attention to the training itself, and engaging them in the ongoing business of keeping you safe. That way, they’ll be ready when cyber security attacks come, and their “my bads” won’t devastate your organization.

Prevent cyber security attacks through the artful use of fun

Through the expert use of humor, we make information awareness training fun, even for employees with other urgent priorities. Make no mistake: humor is not for amateurs. Our award-winning comedy writers know how to be funny - with a purpose - in a corporate environment. They’ll help you ward off cyber security attacks without offending anyone.

Make information awareness training relatable, to build an emotional connection

We teach through the painful experiences of truly relatable characters as they face cyber security attacks. Everyone’s seen these folks in the workplace. When they create cyber security problems through carelessness, everyone knows how it would feel if it happened to them - and just how easily it could. Faced with the same issue later, they’ll have the right memory and emotional connection. They’ll pay attention, because we’ve made it personal.

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We rely on humor - the world's #1 tool for engaging people