Industry Comparison

Does your information security awareness stack up?

Don’t measure your performance in a vacuum. When it comes to the human side of cybersecurity, benchmark your company against your industry and other peers.

With Ataata’s cyber security metrics, you can always compare yourself to others, leveraging the massive corporate cybersecurity datasets we’ve captured from employees at firms worldwide.

Place your company’s cyber security metrics in context

Using our at-a-glance industry comparisons, you can assess your employees’ knowledge against others who have answered our focused, performance-driven questions. As you capture data through Ataata’s GDPR-compliant systems and processes, you’ll discover where you stand before, during, and after you deliver Ataata’s information security awareness training.

Use corporate cybersecurity comparisons to drive improvements

Ataata Industry Comparisons show you where you’re excelling in corporate cybersecurity awareness, and where you might have lessons to learn. An invaluable addition to your cyber security metrics, they help you set internal goals, plan for information security awareness after mergers and acquisitions, and put your performance in context for the CEO and board.

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Industry Comparison