Employee Risk Score

Individual Security Risk Profiles For Every Employee

Actionable. Individualized. Current.

Shouldn't you know which employees present the greatest security-related human error risk? With Ataata's individual security risk profiles, you can offer targeted remediation, get support from employees' supervisors, and identify new hotspots of human-related security risk throughout your organization.

Ataata doesn't just make robust employee risk identification possible: we make it easy. Ataata's GDPR-compliant training and employee tracking continually compiles individual data about knowledge, engagement, and sentiment, revealing exactly who's ignoring security or treating it as an afterthought.

Employee tracking down to the individual

Effective security risk identification requires individualized employee data. We “name names,” scoring current risk for everyone from frontline employee to executive. Along with risk profiles, our watchlists tell you which employees and departments are avoiding training, and much more.

All employee risk profile insight is accessible through easy dashboard reports, drilldowns, and integrations. Our customers use Ataata employee risk profiles and risk identification throughout their Security Operations Center and IT organizations, in LMS systems, HR organizations, and beyond.

Risk identification and the Ataata Employee Risk Score

Ataata offers the first complete model for measuring employees' security knowledge, sentiment, and engagement, and using that data to build individual risk profiles.

Ataata's sophisticated Employee Risk Scoring model improves risk identification, helping you consistently focus remediation and mitigation where it will do the most good.

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Employee Risk Score