Assess and control risks from human error

You know it's critical to understand your exposure to human error, and control risks it creates. But you had no practical way to do that — until now.

In most companies, one system or vendor provides security awareness training and nobody links training data to outcomes or wider security risk assessment. Ataata captures immense amounts of accurate, timely data on employee security knowledge, sentiment, and engagement. Then, we transform that data it into actionable insight, delivered through one of the world's most elegant, efficient dashboards.

Robust data on security awareness. All GDPR compliant.

Through one screen and just a few clicks, you have complete visibility into security awareness, companywide — and complete control over your cyber awareness program, too.

Dashboard & Reporting

Security awareness risk ranking based on the Ataata scoring system

The Ataata platform empowers you to assess human error risk at every level from individual to enterprise, helping you refine cyber awareness strategy for more value and effectiveness. One easy dashboard delivers all these insights:

  • Individual Risk Scoring and Watchlists - Identifying specific employees who should improve their security knowledge and commitment
  • Company Risk Scoring - Assessing overall vulnerability to human error risk, based on up-to-the-minute data about training outcomes and employee attitudes
  • Industry Comparisons - Showing how your company ranks against peers in its industry and other verticals
  • Attitude Tracking - Revealing how your employees feel about the company's security efforts and their own security awareness
  • Employee Performance Outcomes - Insight for every training module you deliver
  • Departmental Completion Rates - So you can identify people who are ignoring security training

Drilldowns make it easy to explore performance in more detail. And one-button reporting summarizes it in an attractive visual format that key stakeholders will understand instantly, even if they're completely non-technical.

Your cyber awareness training and phishing test portal

Don't just assess performance: control risks. The same Ataata dashboard empowers you to set up, customize, and manage an exceptionally effective year-round cyber awareness training program in practically no time. Decide what modules to deploy, what questions to ask, how to deliver feedback, and more.

Once your program launches, it just runs, lights out… delivering all the data you need to assess progress, pinpoint weaknesses, and act to control risks. You can even layer phishing tests into your cyber awareness program from the same easy interface.

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