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Effective cyber defense - always know where your company stands

If you are responsible for cyber defense, you receive plenty of low-level technical signals about security performance. What is much rarer, but equally essential: a high-level metric that reveals how your people are doing, company-wide.

Strengthen critical security controls

To harden corporate security for the long-term, you need to account for human nature. Are employees getting the knowledge they need to avoid disastrous mistakes, and help you proactively enforce cyber defense? Overall, are you making progress -- or falling behind?

Ataata’s Company Risk Score helps you find out.

Your corporate security - assessed and ranked

How do your critical security controls stack up? Ataata’s Company Risk Score:

  • Concisely summarizes deep insights about employees’ security knowledge, engagement, and attitudes, captured through fully GDPR-compliant data collection processes
  • Reflects world-class CISO insight into the human side of corporate security
  • Draws on extensive data from your industry and others, giving you a clear point of comparison

As your Company Risk Score trends, you see where you’re headed, understand the impact of changes, and get valuable insight for correcting course.

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Company Risk Score