Sentiment Tracking

Built-in attitude surveys help you track sentiment about security

Most CISOs recognize the close correlation between employee attitudes and employee behavior. When employees believe the company is making a competent and good faith effort to achieve sensible security, they are more cooperative and proactive. Conversely, nothing corrodes security culture as much as employee cynicism.

But, beyond anecdote, how can you actually assess workplace culture around security?

The Ataata platform automatically runs and compiles attitude surveys that capture employees' changing views, thoughts, and judgements about security. It's the fastest, best way to gauge your workplace culture around security. And, it is all fully GDPR compliant. Thanks to your ongoing Ataata attitude survey, you always know whether employees believe they:

  • Understand how security threats can impact the company
  • Understand how security threats can impact themselves and their families
  • Know what steps to take to help prevent security breaches
  • Know what the company's doing to prevent security breaches
  • Work for a company that's doing all it can to protect them
Sentiment Tracking

Understand workplace culture around security at a single glance

All this non-intrusive data about workplace culture and attitude regarding security gets rolled up into a simple dashboard tracker. The tracker always tells you where you stand and where you're headed. Want to know more? Drill down to the question level, to identify concerns you can address with targeted remediation.

Go beyond employee monitoring - integrate culture into overall risk assessment

We embed our comprehensive employee sentiment tracking in overall risk scoring for your company, departments, and individuals. For the first time, you have a truly holistic view of how your workplace culture impacts your security risk. Once you have this level of insight, you will wonder how you ever did without it.

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